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Linden Opportunity Center

If you drive down Briarwood Ave, you’ll see the brand-new Linden Opportunity Center (also called the Linden Community Center).  Neighborhood input influenced the design, which features a music studio, playground, kitchen, gym, mobile health clinic, walking track, dance studio, outdoor splash pad, and more.  The center has a goal of improving the social determinants of health while increasing opportunities for families.  The new and improved community center is one of many projects planned for Linden in the coming years.  Improved lighting, additional sidewalks, rain gardens, and improved utilities are in the works as well.  The social bonds formed at community centers build strong, safe, and inclusive communities.  Physical activity reduces the risk of disease, improves physical and mental wellbeing, lowers the risk of injury, and leads to healthy, active communities.  We’re excited to have this resource for our Linden Partner Families to enjoy! 

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