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About the Northside Partnership

The Northside Partnership began in 2018 as the combination of three existing partnerships. The Clintonville-Beechwold, Dublin, and Worthington partnerships combined after building over 50 houses separately. The 14 churches making up the Northside partnership are located in Columbus, Clintonville, Dublin, Powell, and Worthington. The Northside Partnership provides families with a great and memorable experience while building the highest quality house possible. Thank you for visiting!

Our Current Project

Week ending February 10, 2024 - The final touches are taking shape. The laminate floors are being cleaned, as well as the bathroom fixtures. The fence has taken on a new look and we have the front steps and sidewalk installed this week. The final touches will continue.

Week ending January 27, 2024 - We completed the laminate flooring on the 2nd floor and installed 40% of the laminate flooring on the 1st floor. We have the cabinets and vanities installed. All doors have been installed except the laundry doors. The doors are being painted with most completed. We have most of the door casing installed and nail holes filled. We are grateful for the group from Prince of Peace that came out to help us on Saturday.

Week ending 1/13/24 - This week we coated all the walls with the second coat of paint. Our cabinets were delivered and unpacked, ready to install. We took delivery of our flooring materials on Friday and were able to install the laminate in both bathrooms. Two of the 3 bedrooms on the second floor have 80% of the laminate installed. A group from St. John’s Episcopal Church, one of our partner churches came out Saturday to help work on the flooring and painting of doors and door jambs. 

Week ending 1/6/24 - Although we could not work on the house because of the drywall being installed, we did get a few things accomplished. It was a cold wet week but thanks to a few brave souls we constructed the shed and installed the fence posts with the rails for the pickets to be attached. These projects will now take a backseat because our drywall subs, finished the drywall earlier than we anticipated.

Saturday, we had the second group from St. Brigid's church come out to help. They sanded the floors, cleaned the drywall dust off the walls and started the painting process. They had 90% of the walls painted with the first coat of paint. We are so thankful the Lord has sent volunteers from our sponsoring churches to help move the house further along towards completion.

Week ending 12/23/23 - As we close out the calendar year, we find the house in the hands of our drywall subcontractors. Over the past two weeks we have had 5 inspections. Two for air sealing, pre-insulation and three after the insulation was installed. As you may suspect, we passed all of them since the drywall is hung and it is in the process of multiple coats of spackling, ready for us to finish, when they have completed their work. Thanks to the group from Prince of Peace church who helped with the porch trim. 

Thanks to all who had a helping hand with this project in 2023. The partner churches who sent groups out on Saturdays to lend a helping hand as well as those who gave of their time week after week in bringing this project along. Not to mention the backup support from the construction department of Habitat. 

Week ending Dec 9th- Although Tuesday was a bit rainy, we did complete the siding on the east wall, including the soffit and fascia. In addition to that, we were able to caulk all our double 2x4 seams, including the base plate to the deck floor. The window insulation was completed as well. Another interior project was drywall blocking and installed the siding channels on the rear porch, since it was out of the rain. Thursday, we completed the siding of the upper rear gable and sided about 1/3 of the upper front gable. Since the HAC and plumbing lines were installed, we were able to air seal those as well.   

Saturday, since we had rain once again, we had a group from St. Patrick’s church come out to the warehouse. They painted all our door casing and base trim, plus the remainder of our smart trim for the porch beams. 

Week ending Dec 2nd - This week we finished the west wall and removed the pump jacks. We then started siding on the rear and east sides of the house. The rear is sided up to the gable. The east side is finished except for the top row, because of the pump jack brackets. The rough plumbing was completed last week with the rough-in of the HVAC about 50% installed. Saturday, we had a group from the St. Bridget Catholic church come out to help us with the siding and painting trim in the warehouse. 

Week ending November 25th - Tuesday was a wet day, so we worked inside. We were able to add the hurricane tie down brackets on the roof trusses. Added the insulation baffles to the trusses as well. We constructed the partial wall in the stair well and at the top of the stairwell opening or hallway. Completed the tub insulation, which allowed us to have our partial framing inspection pass. Exterior door trim was completed. 

Thursday allowed all of us to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. 

Saturday, we installed the siding on the west wall, within one row to completed, with a partial row. This completes 26 working days on the house. We are grateful for all who have helped with willing hands and hearts. 

Week ending November 18th -  

Tuesday we were able to install fire retardant to the eves of the house. They are required by code due to being less than five feet to the property line. In addition to that, we were able to install the last few pieces of Dow insulation on the exterior walls. We installed the corner post for the siding and the starter strips. The siding was started on the west wall, with the first two rows, which has all the cutouts for vents, hose bibs, etc.  

Thursday we started installing the windows and the two exterior doors. That becomes a full day of preparing the openings and then installing the windows. We did some miscellaneous pre-mechanical framing. 

Saturday a group of 6 volunteers from the New Hope church came out to help us. They finished the final taping of the flashing around the windows. Installed the Lexan over the windows for protection during the remaining finishing process. They added about 5 or 6 rows of siding on the west wall and installed the first 3 rows of siding on the rear wall. Their help is very much appreciated. 

Week ending November 11th -  Tuesday we completed the finishing of the gables, in preparation for Thursday. We set the roof trusses over the bedroom and installed the sub-fascia. We set the front porch trusses as well and added the sub-fascia.

Thursday was crane day. In other words, we installed all the roof trusses on Thursday. We were able to get the trusses braced as well.

Saturday saw another partnership church come out to help with the work at hand. Twelve volunteers from Bethel Presbyterian church showed up, ready to work. We needed to set up the pump jacks before we could start work on the house. Once that was accomplished, they installed all the sub-fascia, sheathed the truss heels, caulked the OSB seams and installed the Dow board on both side walls. While that was being accomplished a few were in the basement constructing shelves for the basement and the equipment platform. Thanks to all for their help.

Week ending November 4 –  

This week received our roof trusses. The walls were laid out for truss location. The lower bedroom roof trusses were loaded on top of the walls waiting further framing and installation. The rear porch framing was completed as well. As you will see in the photos, the front and rear gable trusses are in various stages of being finished, ready to be installed.  

The reason for completing finish of the upper gable roof trusses on the ground, keeps us from having to work on ladders once they are installed. The lower rear gable truss is partially completed because it is only one story tall and is easy to finish at that height.  

We had another of our Partnership churches on site Saturday. The Bethel International United Methodist church had 11 volunteers. Thankfully those larger numbers allowed us to relocate the gable trusses as you will see in the photos. They were lifted off the sawhorses and stood upright, so we are able to finish them. (Big and bulky!!) 

Week ending October 28 - We had another good week. This week saw us completing erecting all the second-floor walls, and top plating them as well. Also completed the front porch framing along with the rear porch framing. All the first floor OSB joints were caulked for air penetration. The east side wall has two rows of Dow insulation installed. The above work was completed with only two workdays involved. A special thanks to Tom, Rea and Jon for filling in as the Project Lead was on vacation. 

Week ending October 21 - We had a productive week with only a few volunteers each day. We got the second-floor deck installed on Tuesday, allowing us to lay-out the walls on Wednesday. Thursday, we were able to install the interior stairs and erect five of the exterior wall panels plus the large balloon wall in the stairwell opening.

Saturday, the Dublin Presbyterian church sent out 6 volunteers and we were able to erect the last few side walls and sheath one of two rear exterior walls. In addition, we were able to install the front porch frame work.

In only two short weeks, we are ready to install the deck of the second floor.  Actually, that is only six working days, since we only work on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. With special thanks to Worthington Christian Church who sponsored a Wall Build, the pre-built walls saved us about two days of framing on site. You will see in the photos a portion of the rear wall of the first floor is missing. That is where we will send up the second-floor walls next week.

Thanks to the willingness of a few regular team members, who faithfully come out each work day to build this house. It was great to have our future homeowner and her son come out yesterday to help us build her house.

We are open to anyone who feels lead to help us build this house. The link to register is listed on this website as well as email addresses, to ask questions. Please feel free to contact us.

On Tuesday, October 3rd we celebrated the Wall Raising with the Bell family. It was a wonderful morning and a full day of framing. 

This fall, we are excited to get a new home under construction in partnership with the Bell Family. On Sunday, September 24th, we started with a Wall Build sponsored by Worthington Christian Church. They had a wonderful crew of participants and the partner family joined for part of the fun! We cannot wait to raise the walls on Tuesday, October 3rd at the Wall Raising, our "official" kick off for the project.

Participating Churches

Support the Partnership

To contribute to the Northside Partnership click the donate button below. Be sure to select Northside Partnership from the "my gift should be used:" drop-down menu. 

Volunteer with us

We are glad you are interested in becoming a member or helping our construction team! Our team is made up of volunteers from our partnership churches, who construct our partnership house.

To register to volunteer on our current project, click here:

Our typical build schedule:

- We work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We begin our day at 8:15 AM and finish at 3:30 PM.

- Partnership churches adopt Saturday dates to build. Check with your church representative for your church's build dates.

- We start the day with a safety meeting, review safety procedures for proper tool use. Assignments will be given out at the conclusion of the meeting.

- Lunch is around 11:30. Most volunteers pack their lunch. However, Saturday churches typically provide lunch for the group.

Experience: Experience is not a prerequisite! We will train on the job. Willing hands and heart are all we ask.

Tools: Hand tools are provided for volunteers. However, if you have some favorite hand tools, feel free to bring them along. Tools to bring would consist of a hammer, tape measure, speed square, pencil, utility knife, and tool pouch.

Interested in volunteering? Visit our volunteer website to sign up and more details: 


Events and Fundraisers

Crosses for Habitat -  New fundraiser started in 2023!  All donations support Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio and our current build.  Jim Whitmer organizes this fundraiser.  

St. Patrick's Fish Fry  - During lent, St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Dublin will hold fish fry dinners on the following Fridays: March 1, March 8, March 15.  The meal includes great fish prepared the way you like it and lots of sides.  Beer and wine are available for purchase.  Brenda Eddy organizes this event.   

Northside Partnership Day at City Barbeque (Henderson Rd.) - Held once a year, a percentage of what is spent on the great food at City Barbeque is donated back to the partnership.  Jane Albert organizes this event. 

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