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AmeriCorps Stories & Testimonials

Sarah Short

Sarah Short
Position and Years Served:

AmeriCorps Volunteer Services Coodinator, 2020-2021

How You Found Out About AmeriCorps and First Impressions:

I first found out about AmeriCorps at Habitat MidOhio when looking for jobs after graduating college. I knew I wanted to do something with a nonprofit and be able to work with incredible people but wasn’t sure how to go about it. When I saw the opening for AmeriCorps Volunteer Service Coordinator, it felt like a great fit for the skills and goals that I had. At first I was kind of confused about what AmeriCorps was and the role AmeriCorps members played in the organization. But the more I learned from the host site manager and Director of Volunteer Services, Deb, the more things made sense and really helped me see AmeriCorps as a vital piece of Habitat MidOhio. I was also lucky to serve with 3 returning members who were great to learn from about how AmeriCorps worked.

Most Valuable Accomplishments and Memories:

In my AmeriCorps journey, attending home dedication ceremonies stands out as an indelible highlight. Witnessing partner families, their faces filled with pride and joy, as the culmination of their dedication unfolded with the support and love of staff and volunteers was truly extraordinary.

The connections forged between partner families and the volunteers who poured their hearts into building these homes were nothing short of magical. It was a testament to the incredible impact that collaborative effort and shared purpose can have on building not just physical structures but lasting relationships. Each dedication ceremony was a symphony of gratitude, echoing the thousands of volunteer hours that harmonized to create homes filled with warmth and hope.

These moments, where the fruits of tireless dedication blossomed into beautiful homes, were not just heartwarming; they were a living testament to the transformative power of collective service. The resonance of these experiences has left an indelible mark on my AmeriCorps journey, reinforcing the belief that, through shared commitment, we can build more than just houses – we can build homes infused with love and resilience.

Biggest Take-Aways:

One big take-away from my AmeriCorps experience was the immersive insight I gained into the intricate workings of a nonprofit. What set this revelation apart was the personalized journey I embarked upon with every member of the staff's diverse teams. Through one-on-one meetings, I learned about their backgrounds, the nuances of their roles, and how each team contributed to the grand scheme of the Habitat MidOhio’s mission.

The generosity with which each team member shared their knowledge and experiences was nothing short of inspiring. Their unwavering support transformed my exploration of the nonprofit landscape into an adventure.

Where Are You Now?

I now work for ServeOhio, Ohio’s commission on service and volunteerism, as the Volunteer Engagement Program Officer. ServeOhio empowers local communities to mobilize AmeriCorps members and volunteer resources for the purpose of building a stronger Ohio. In my role, I support volunteerism and nonprofit organizations across Ohio through grants, training and professional development resources, and more. I also have the opportunity to share about the impact of AmeriCorps members across the state. My time serving with Habitat MidOhio gave me the foundations to be successful in my role.

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