Cost of Home

Cost of Home

Nearly 19 million U.S. households today pay half or more of their income on a place to live.

Nationally, that means 1 in 6 families. In Ohio, that means 1 in 9 families are denied the personal and economic stability that safe, decent and affordable housing provides. That means that 1 in 9 families are forced to make impossible choices.

A safe home. Nutritious food on the table. Health care. Access to good schools. Reliable transportation. Which would you choose?

Locally, Habitat MidOhio has taken several steps toward these goals. The recent Habitat Housing Initiative raised $4.7 million to address the needs of affordable housing in Franklin and Licking county — committing to administer a “housing vaccine” to serve a minimum of 100 families annually through new home construction, rehabs, and home repair — while Habitat MidOhio’s President & CEO E.J. Thomas was instrumental in the founding of the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio (in 2015).

When the cost of home is your family’s future, the cost is too high. And when the cost of home is any family’s future, that’s something none of us can afford. That’s why we’re joining hundreds of Habitat for Humanity organizations across the country today to launch our first national advocacy campaign: Cost of Home.

We need your help to launch Cost of Home in central Ohio! Here’s what you can do to support the campaign right now:

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  • Write or call your legislators and tell them to support policies to improve housing affordability. Use this pre-populated email to get you started!
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