WINTER WARRIORS :: Not for the Faint of Heart

When old man winter strikes, Habitat MidOhio relies on that rare breed of volunteers who brave the cold in pursuit of the dream of homeownership

COLUMBUS, Ohio January 2017; When the weather turns cold, most home builders run to the comforts of the heated office until the warmer temperatures of spring break through the ice. For Habitat MidOhio, homebuilding and repairs continue unabated throughout the year. With construction projects scheduled in Linden, the South Side, and Newark, the arctic temperatures are par for the course in January through March.


As an organization that relies on the support of volunteers ¾ to the tune of approximately 5,000 annually ¾ Habitat can often struggle to find those willing to “bundle up” in pursuit of its mission. Thankfully, Habitat MidOhio Winter Warriors rise to the occasion, filling the gap. With incentives of “winter wear” ¾ beanies, sweatshirts, and other

cold-weather accessories based on hours served ¾ and the promise of nothing more than gratitude, Winter Warriors are currently being recruited for the 2017 Winter Weather season.


While Habitat has already benefited from over 289 Winter Warrior volunteers this year, the afiliate is always looking for more volunteers to fill the weekday shifts. These needed shifts run from 8:30am-4:00pm on Tuesdays through Fridays, and on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:00pm. To find out more or to join the ranks of the Winter Warriors, please visit:


In February 2016, Habitat for Humanity International interviewed Winter Warriors from across the country to hear why they do what they do. Habitat MidOhio’s Patti Kenehan was among those interviewed.


Why do you volunteer with Habitat:

“I wanted to do something community-oriented, and our church had partnered with other churches on a Habitat build. I went out that first day and was hooked. I had never played around much with power tools. Now I can use just about every single tool.”


Why should others volunteer:

“Everyone can do it. I have a bum knee and a bad back. Habitat knows how to work with your limitations. I’m glad I added Habitat to my bucket list and took the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. Plus, my husband is very impressed.”


Tips for surviving the cold:

“By nature, I am a warm weather girl. But snow and sleet and temperatures in the 20s are typical in Ohio during the winter months. I have earned the Habitat wool cap, the thermal mug and the sweatshirt. I wear them everywhere.”


Most heartwarming volunteer moment:

“On my first build, I had the privilege of handing the keys to the homeowner. That was way, way cool.”



Take the Winter Warriors Selfie Challenge:


  1. Recruit a friend to volunteer with you on a Habitat MidOhio construction site.


  1. Sign up online:


  1. Take a picture together while volunteering on site wearing a Habitat Helmet and Safety glasses and post it to

our social media pages using the #WinterWarriorChallenge #HabitatMidOhio.


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