Iron Fortress Security Has South Side Vision

Habitat MidOhio finds Peace of Mind with Iron Fortress HVAC Cages and Neighborhood Revitalization Focus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (December, 2016) – Tom Roesch of Iron Fortress Security has big plans for his new south side iron works facility. Located at 2000 Parsons Avenue, Roesch is committed to not only his business’ success in the neighborhood, but also to a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio and their neighborhood revitalization efforts in the area.


“After researching Habitat MidOhio’s mission and focus on Columbus’ south side, it became apparent to me that our missions and vision for the community were very much aligned,” Roesch said recently. “I approached Habitat with an idea for a product that would help secure Habitat’s investment in the community and at the same time, help put south side residents to work.”


The product is an Iron Fortress designed, patent-pending mounting and security system for air conditioning units, one that Roesch and Habitat MidOhio Construction Director Erik Lambert have found to be an essential component of the build plan for all Habitat MidOhio homes on the south side. “Tom’s A/C compressor mounting system solves nagging construction issues from mounting you’re A/C compressor to security. We are seeing more thefts of air conditioning parts and even entire units as thieves remove and sell the copper and other metals as scrap,” observed Lambert, who has been building homes for Habitat MidOhio since 2002. “Cash for scrap is a fairly easy process and with copper prices being higher than most other metals, it presents too much of a temptation for some thieves, especially if a unit is easy to access” notes Lambert.


And that’s where Iron Fortress Security steps in. Roesch has developed a wrought iron security cage for air conditioning units that features a mounted base, locking system, and customizable designs. Habitat MidOhio began using the cages in September of 2013 and has since included them in the design of over 30 homes. Iron Fortress’ patent pending security cage helps homeowners guard against air conditioning thieves.


Roesch, a life-long south side resident felt strongly about bringing his iron works business to his old neighborhood. A Section 3 business, Roesch is proud to employ workers from the 43205, 43206, and 43207 zip codes and hopes his partnership with Habitat MidOhio will encourage more Ohio Habitat affiliates to use the cages in their new builds, so that he can commit to employ more local residents and, in turn, help the neighborhood thrive. “This is my home,” said Roesch. “With all of the new development happening down the street in the shadow of Children’s hospital, I want folks to keep in mind that all of Parsons Avenue has a lot of promise, and it should be the mandate of all local businesses ¾ and the city ¾ to take an interest in the area, just like Habitat MidOhio is doing.”


E.J. Thomas, President & CEO of Habitat MidOhio is pleased to partnering with Iron Fortress on this project. “Habitat MidOhio is committed to providing safe, decent, and affordable housing to our partner families. Tom has developed a great product that helps our partner families protect their home and its assets from theft. Tom’s decision to headquarter his business on the south side is a testament to his resolve and hope for neighborhood revitalization in the area.”

Iron Fortress Security Has South Side Vision - Habitat