Build for Unity Kicks Off in Columbus



Habitat MidOhio is partnering with the Columbus Dispatch and central Ohio faith communities to launch the Build for Unity — bringing faiths together to build a home for a deserving family. Unity. It is a simple word, but it is a word that brings with it so much hope, and almost as many challenges. As an organization based on faith principals, Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio yearns for a world where respect for one another is the norm, not because we all subscribe to the same set of religious beliefs, but because of the very nature of who we are. We long to see our community be a place where everyone feels
welcomed and valued.

Reading the news, looking at social media or watching television, one cannot ignore the extreme levels of division in our society. It seems easier to isolate ourselves away with those who think like us or act like us, rather than engaging with those who are different. Habitat MidOhio believes the faith community has an opportunity to change the message our world sees from one of division to a message of unity. Habitat MidOhio is urging you to join in a movement that is happening all across the country that will Build for Unity.



To learn more about this unique opportunity, please be in touch with Phillip Washburn.

Build for Unity Kicks Off in Columbus - Habitat