Volunteer Spotlight

The Volunteer Spotlight is here to honor those who have gone above and beyond for Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio!  Thank you to each and every individual and group listed below for your amazing dedication and support of Habitat MidOhio.  We are a better organization because of you!

Habitat wants to shine a special light of thanks on… Keith Gatewood and Chaz Spain!  


Keith Gatewood- ReStore and Special Event Volunteer

Keith Gatewood first volunteered with Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio about 10 years ago on a few builds in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood, and he’s enjoyed volunteering Habitat on occasion ever since. After recently taking a more reduced role at work, Keith has found the ReStore to be a good option, and we’re glad that he’s found it fulfilling so far.  When asked what he likes best about volunteering, Keith says, “It’s the small things. It’s having the feeling of getting something done so that the staff doesn’t have to worry about it. What I like best is that it’s a little different each time I come in.”

Keith was a huge help this past summer at the annual Flower Sale, and remembers how the rain made things interesting… “It was a monsoon out there. I will never forget that day, carrying plants out to people’s cars…” We’re glad he didn’t let that scare him away! In addition to ReStore, we can always rely on him to fill in at other events, including the Dispatch Home and Garden Show, the Home and Remodeling Show, and Vintage Market Days. If you have even one doubt about whether you should volunteer or not, just listen to Keith: “It’s for everyone! Anybody can do it—[the staff] will find something for you. Come in and give it a try!”

Away from Habitat, Keith is a Hospice volunteer and an active member of St. Thomas More Catholic Church where he helps prepare and serve monthly meals at the YWCA and Faith Mission.  He is also an incredibly talented woodworker, having started in high school building furniture and bookcases. He has since moved on mostly to decorative sports logos and American flags and has made hundreds of them to give away to friends and family. Keith has been in the business of software sales for 30 years now, and he is working toward retirement at the end of the year.  We are so thankful for his continued support, and we’re hoping that ReStore and Habitat can continue to be part of his life as he heads into retirement!


Chaz Spain- Deconstruction Lead and “Winter Warrior”

Chaz got involved with Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio just over a year ago when he came out to volunteer with Nationwide. For that day, he participated on a build site during Winter Warriors season, and he’s been steadily acquiring more and more Winter Warriors swag ever since.  It’s been wonderful to see him grow from a quiet to active participant and then to a knowledgeable and confident lead on our deconstruction projects.  He’s seen the Habitat process from new build site to dedication and has seen what a difference a new home makes to a family and to a neighborhood.

In more recent months, we have come to rely on Chaz as a volunteer lead for ReStore deconstruction projects. Chaz fondly remembers his first solo deconstruction as a lead when he had a group of OSU students volunteering with him. He noted, “When they arrived, they did not seem very motivated or into it. But I got them working in teams as a learning project on how to remove and repair doors, cabinets, light fixtures, faucets, etc. It was really rewarding to see how excited and eager they got.” Chaz says his first volunteer experience was fun and very educational, and as a deconstruction lead, he’s been able to give other volunteers that same positive impression.  As a frequent “Winter Warrior,” Chaz wants to let other volunteers know that the cold shouldn’t get in their way of giving back. Just grab your sturdy, comfortable shoes and plenty of layers! “If you don’t know how to do something just ask. Site leads are always willing to help.”

When he’s not helping us lead deconstructions or swinging a hammer to help a partner family, Chaz is putting his construction skills to use personally as well, as he is on the final stretch of a full remodel of his home. He also works full time at Nationwide, volunteers at Shadowbox Theater and United Way, and is a member of Nationwide’s Pride ARG and the Stonewall Columbus Pride Committee. With all of these great commitments, we’re thrilled that Chaz has also chosen to join our Habitat family!

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