Who We Are and What We Do




Who are we?

Thrivent Builds is a local organization of churches, religious organizations, individuals, and Thrivent Financial Representatives, who support Habitat’s goal of providing safe, affordable housing to those in need. We operate within Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio. A committee of volunteers from member churches together with Habitat participation oversees the program.

Our Purpose?

The Thrivent Builds program works in cooperation with Habitat MidOhio to support its mission of bringing people together to inspire hope, build homes, empower families, and develop communities.

What have we accomplished?

Since 2007, Thrivent Builds has made a significant impact in Habitat MidOhio’s ability to pursue its mission by:

Building 20 houses in Franklin County;

Providing over 50,000 hours of volunteer construction;

Raising more than $300,000.00;

Qualifying for and receiving $2,000,000 in Thrivent Financial support;

Participating in 25 Thrivent Builds Repair projects.

As a result of our efforts, 90 children and adults in 20 families are living the dream of homeownership in a safe, decent, and affordable home.

What are we doing in 2018?

Thrivent Builds is always building and planning. In the next 12 to 18 months, we will be building one new home, remodeling two homes, repairing fifteen houses, and raising funds to support this work. Thrivent Builds invites all Lutheran churches/organizations and all other churches to join our organization. ways to get involved There are many ways your congregation/organization can support our efforts:

• Pray for the coalition and the families served.

• Prayerfully consider supporting this program financially in your church budget and/or in other ways.

• Welcome a Thrivent Build member to speak to your church/ organization in person as a “Temple Talk”, education class, or some other way that best serves your church’s needs.

• Include information about Habitat MidOhio/Thrivent Builds in your church newsletter/publications.

• Encourage members who have the desire and talent to volunteer in building homes (including providing meals for volunteers and other supporting activities). Church/Organization benefits:

• Direct involvement in Thrivent Builds at whatever support level is best (management, planning, construction work, meal preparation, financial support, etc.)

• Enhance service / mission program.

• Opportunity to perform service to community and persons in need within a recognized, reputable organization.

• Leverage Thrivent Financial support into projects that make our community stronger.