Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity MidOhio has set a 2018 goal of raising $50,000 from local supporters.  Our contributions will be used locally as follows:


$36,000 as our contribution to the building of two Thrivent Builds homes during 2018.

  • Thrivent Financial provides 50% of the funding, HFHMO provides 40% of the funding, and our local Thrivent Builds coalition provides 10% of the funding.
  • $10,000 as our contribution to remodeling a recycled home. A recycled home is a Habitat home that has been returned to Habitat by the first homeowner because circumstances do not allow that homeowner to continue to own this home.  The recycled home is returned to “like new” status and sold to another deserving Habitat family.
    • Our local Thrivent Builds coalition provides all the funding of the recycle costs.
  • $4,000 to provide startup funding for 2019 Thrivent Builds programs.

Contributions may be made to support Thrivent Builds by using Habitat Mid Ohio’s website donation system.  Please be sure to indicate Thrivent Builds as the group to be credited with your contribution.  Alternatively, you may send contributions via mail.  Just be sure to write Thrivent Builds on the memo line.

The most important reason to support Thrivent Builds is to make safe, affordable housing available to families in need in central Ohio.   All monies raised locally are used locally for HFHMO projects.

Financial support of Thrivent Builds is viewed favorably when additional Thrivent Financial grants are made to support our local efforts.  So, the more we raise locally, the greater the probability of obtaining future grants from Thrivent Financial.

Thrivent Builds is a three-member partnership of Thrivent Financial, Habitat for Humanity, and the local Thrivent Builds Coalition.  Thrivent Financial has historically provided 50% of the funding of our house build projects, HFHMO has provided 40% of the funding and all of the management of the process, and the Thrivent Builds Coalition has provided 10% of the funding and the volunteers to construct the houses.  In recent years, Thrivent Financial has provided additional funding for repair projects and the Thrivent Builds Coalition has funded an additional rebuild solely from local fundraising efforts.

Thrivent Builds Fundraising - Habitat