Shannon’s Story

Shannon-Keys-186x240As a single mother, Shannon had often dreamed of owning her own home — providing a safe and nurturing environment for her three children in which to grow up.

With a good job in the medical field, and her savings account on the rise, those dreams came to a crashing halt when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In spite of her earnings and health insurance, Shannon’s medical bills piled up, depleting both her savings and a majority of her living wage income.

Fast forward two years, Shannon found her family living in cramped, deplorable conditions and barely able to make her monthly bills. She was introduced to Habitat and attended an informational meeting. Shannon completed the application and soon learned that she would qualify for a Habitat home.

Still recovering from months of bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments and six surgeries in
two years, Shannon was resolute about completing the sweat equity required of every Habitat homeowner. And she did!

Shannon’s children, who shared rooms at a nearly uninhabitable apartment complex, now have their own bedrooms. They couldn’t wait to decorate and are caring for a garden in their very own backyard.

Shannon’s daily weeding has prompted her neighbors to begin caring more for their own properties.

Shannon stated during the dedication of her home: “I may be a young single mother, but my neighbors are seeing me as a productive citizen. I want to bring pride back to this neighborhood.”


Mission in Action - Habitat