Volunteer Spotlight

The Volunteer Spotlight is here to honor those who have gone above and beyond for Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio!  Thank you to each and every individual and group listed below for your amazing dedication and support of Habitat MidOhio.  We are a better organization because of you!

Habitat wants to shine a special light of thanks on… Nikolas Grotewold!

Nikolas Grotewold- Construction Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator for Buckeyes Against Alzheimer’s, World Traveler 

After only a few months volunteering with Habitat MidOhio, Nikolas has been recognized by our Construction Support Coordinator as being an outstanding volunteer.  Nikolas began volunteering with Habitat MidOhio in October with a friend and fellow spotlighted volunteer, Andrew Gregory.  Both volunteers are members of the Buckeye’s Against Alzheimer’s group, and Nikolas is the current Volunteer Coordinator of this organization.  He hopes to expand the Buckeye’s Against Alzheimer’s involvement with Habitat MidOhio, and is excited to volunteer with our affiliate for the next few years as he completes his Undergraduate Studies in bio-chemistry at The Ohio State University.

Nikolas has lived in Columbus his whole life, and what he enjoys most about volunteering at Habitat MidOhio is the direct impact it makes on his community.  Outside of his involvement with Habitat MidOhio, he also volunteers on a weekly basis in the memory ward at the Alzheimer’s Center in Columbus.  When he has free time from school, Nikolas enjoys playing soccer with friends, playing the piano, and sings in a choir.  Nikolas also sang in high school, which allowed him to travel throughout the world as a member of the Columbus International Choir.

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