Volunteer Spotlight

The Volunteer Spotlight is here to honor those who have gone above and beyond for Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio!  Thank you to each and every individual and group listed below for your amazing dedication and support of Habitat MidOhio.  We are a better organization because of you!

Habitat wants to shine a special light of thanks on… Evy Locklin and Hugh Leslie III!


Evy Locklin- Founding Habitat MidOhio volunteer, Member of the Northwest Adopt a House Group, World Traveler 

Evy is one of our founding Habitat volunteers.  It is because of the hard work of Evy and her co-volunteers from 1987 that we now call ourselves Habitat MidOhio.  It is the perfect year to highlight the many hours she’s dedicated to furthering Habitat’s mission as Habitat MidOhio celebrates our 30th anniversary.

Evy has been with Habitat MidOhio through the ups and downs that all business experience while growing.  She watched as a volunteer run group transformed into a full-fledged business with full time staff, and now we are able to serve families in Madison, Franklin, and Licking Counties.  When reflecting on some of her favorite moments with Habitat, she animatedly retold a story where she and a fellow volunteer worked through the night at Habitat’s new office in order to prepare for the next work day a great night full of laughs.  Her hard work, perseverance, and dedication to Habitat’s mission are just a few reasons that multiple staff members nominated her to be spotlighted.

Throughout the years, Evy has held multiple roles in the office (sometimes holding all administrative roles at once!).  Her favorite volunteering duty is fundraising, specifically working with churches to raise the funds for our Habitat houses.  She is an active member of the Northwest Adopt a House group, and is a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling and visiting her children who now live throughout the United States.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Habitat for Humanity or the transformation of Habitat MidOhio into the organization we are today, Evy is the person to ask.  Make sure you say hello to Evy the next time you visit our office!


Hugh Leslie III-Construction Volunteer, Photography Volunteer, Monday Meal Volunteer, Member of the Northwest Adopt a House Group

Hugh’s journey with Habitat began 7 years ago when he volunteered on a construction site.  He is one of our consistent volunteers from the Northwest Adopt a House Group, a group of churches that help sponsor the building of one of our Habitat homes.  His belief in Habitat’s mission, the friends and skills he’s gained volunteering on various Habitat homes, and his desire to meet new people and learn more skills is why Hugh has contributed over 640 hours to Habitat MidOhio.

This summer, Hugh has exciting plans to participate in a week long horseback riding trip in Montana at the Glacier National Park.  He is also traveling to San Diego to celebrate the wedding of his youngest son, and looks forward to spending time with the rest of his family.  Outside of his volunteer efforts at Habitat MidOhio, Hugh and his wife volunteer with the First Community Church for the Monday Meals program which helps provide meals for a local homeless shelter.

Over the years, Hugh has learned many valuable skills under the direction of John Fisher, one of our Construction Crew leaders and a volunteer with the Northwest Adopt a House group.  In the future, he hopes to see more young people volunteer with Habitat MidOhio to the help Habitat’s mission grow.  If you’re at least 16 years old and looking for a fun volunteer opportunity, then come volunteer with Hugh out on a Habitat site this summer!

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